The Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Industry is not only the leading net exporting sector, it makes a significant contribution to the economy and security of this nation. The industry, however, is at a crossroads; mergers and acquisitions, loss of technical talent, an aging workforce, and events related to September 11, 2001, have all affected the vitality of this industry. The Industry is also poised for unprecedented growth in virtually every segment: Commercial, General Aviation, Military, and Space.

The successful corporations and alliances must rapidly and efficiently form global virtual enterprises that transcend companies, borders and time zones and, moreover, that are compatible with a legacy of diverse and dispersed systems Complex new demands from changing geographic market conditions are prompting aerospace and defense companies to rethink their strategies. To succeed, companies must find ways to turn emerging markets, dispersed supply chains, complex engineering design, manufacturing and aftermarket requirements into true opportunities.

We deliver you our best-of-breed IT solutions by leveraging our Global Delivery Model, to help you reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, integrate customer preferences and streamline the design process. Here's why we they chose Monsoon as their strategic partner in leveraging IT to better manage complexity, cut costs and boost productivity:

  • Flexible & partnership approach to business
  • Dedicated A&D practice with customized service offerings for the A&D industry
  • Good understanding of and collaborative approach to EAR / ITAR regulations
  • Alliances and joint R&D initiatives with academia