With the convergence of advanced In-vehicle electronics, Communication technology and Telematics, automobiles of today are undergoing a complete re-invention yet again. In recent years, the industry has seen unprecedented global competition as seen in emergence of Asian manufacturers, forging of newer alliances and industry initiatives like the AUTOSAR. The changing face of today's automobile can be credited to the following:

  • Evolving but demanding consumer tastes and preferences
  • Emerging Safety and Environmental norms
  • Shorter innovation cycles using upcoming technologies
  • Infrastructure Standardization for distributed systems.

Services & Capabilities:

The Automotive Business Unit of Monsoon offer end-to-end implementation. For automotive vertical end- to- end implementation of services starting from requirement gathering, solution design to solution implementation and support.

Product Development

In a changed business environment of increased product complexity, greater reliance on outsourcing, and a growing need for collaboration with a rapidly expanding list of business partners, the automotive industry has seen a thrust to Product Life Cycle Management Solutions. Monsoon offers integrated solutions from concept, design to performance testing. This is facilitated through Monsoon's expertise in PDM / PLM, embedded systems, engineering services, engineering automation and knowledge-based engineering.

Supply Chain Management

Monsoon offers Customer order fulfillment, Material flow management and Material flow management. Customer order fulfillment involves the allocation, configuration, pricing, capture, promising, tracking, and delivery of vehicles to dealers and customers. These processes work in conjunction with continuous supply management processes to provide accurate promises that can be reliably met by the OEM supply chain. Material flow management for automotive OEMs encompasses the processes of planning, optimizing the inbound supply network, and linking to the design process, as well as managing supplier capacities and schedules. Transportation management includes all of the workflows required to plan, optimize, and execute the automotive transport process.


Monsoon offers solution related to shop-floor automation, scheduling, material handling flows, Just-in-Time, quality and compliance with industrial safety and environment standards.

Sales and Marketing

Monsoon leverages its rich experience in the areas of brand management, CRM, dealer monitoring, ordering , used car system, inquiry tracking systems, on-line buying systems and provides end-to-end services to customers

After Sales Services

Monsoon offers services in the areas of after sales services, warranty systems, parts ordering / inventory systems and government regulations.

Support Functions

Monsoon has experience in finance, HRMS, legal and internal fleet management.