Solutions Consulting

Monsoon is a leading player in the areas of e-Business Consulting and solutions development. Monsoon offers cutting edge technology, services, and solutions to create an adaptive infrastructure that can respond quickly to the changing needs of a dynamic business.

Our software design and development processes for enterprise solutions have given our customers major advantages in terms of time and cost-to-market with quality standards. Our solutions involve rapid prototyping and reduced development time. Our expertise in systems integration, along with a good understanding of various development methodologies and processes and mature project management skills enable us to cater to all customer needs for:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP.
  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM
  • Decision Support Systems - DSS
  • Enterprise Application Integration EAI
  • Migration/Version-up of Legacy systems
  • eBusiness Solutions
  • Infrastructure Consulting

Monsoon solutions consultants offer expertise and advice in analyzing and assessing your enterprise needs, and subsequently designing and building agreed protocols to automate your workflows. We aim to help you maximize the return on investment gained in improved processes.

The resulting streamlined and effective solutions can be deployed safely across your organization, and can be rapidly extended and adapted to meet changing situations. The repertoire of protocols delivered can be rapidly extended at low cost.



We evaluate your needs and determine optimum approaches to meeting them


Statement of Work for the time, costs and deliverables of a project


We work with you to analyze and assess your workflows, and to develop more effective workflow definitions, using prototypes where appropriate


Workflow protocol creation, providing you with prototype protocols to evaluate during the development


Delivery of the protocols and the agreed documentation and training

Maintenance and Support

Maintain and support custom elements of the solution where necessary

A combination of skilled consultants, strong process and high-performance pipelining technology enables Monsoon' solutions consulting team to rapidly deliver new solutions to improve your business efficiency and effectiveness.