Automate & streamline your business – critical processes

Managing complex desktop environment is a challenge faced by most enterprises. Our solution manages the desktop environment on a 24x7 basis to create a highly available and a secure system. Monsoon' Desktop Management Solution keeps track of your resources, administers user permissions, installs software and patches, manages security threats and keeps your software licenses up-to-date.

Our key differentiation lies in the following:

  • Asset Management: Proactively manages desktop assets in heterogeneous environments through continuous and automatic asset tracking system. Automated hardware & software, network inventory and configuration management provide knowledge of the assets owned by the enterprise. Extensive reporting feature delivers in-depth information about assets.
  • Software Delivery & Updates: Automated delivery of software includes packaging, releasing, installing, configuring and updating software across your enterprise.
  • Patch Management: Automatically deploys security patches.
  • Migration: Customized multi-platform, multi-vendor solutions that minimize cost and complexity.
  • License Management: Monitors software usage and controls costs on licenses.
  • Backup & Recovery: Automatically preserves critical data in the event of crash.
  • Policy Establishment: Creates and enforces policies across the IT environment for quality and secure business services.


  • Asset management provides thorough knowledge of the IT asset environment that increases efficiency
  • Automated patch deployment across heterogeneous IT environments protects against hazardous vulnerabilities
  • Remote & Centralized desktop management minimizes maintenance costs
  • Backup & Recovery solution protects your valuable data and mitigates risk
  • Automated migration processes reduce time and improve productivity
  • Controls the number of licenses by monitoring software usage
  • Policy-based management maintains security, consistency and simplifies management