Monsoon specializes in offering verification and validation services for banks, insurance companies and other financial service institutions worldwide. We have considerable domain knowledge - our clients include some of the world's leading players in banking and financial services.

Monsoon's Dedicated Testing Centers of Excellence (CoE) help clients achieve professional, cost-effective testing.
Our expertise in testing methodologies and tools, combined with our domain knowledge in the financial services area, allows us to offer our clients the full gamut of testing services. Our focus areas include the following:

Functional Testing

Services Offered:

  • Testing the application as per the Base-Lined Functional Specification/Use Case Document/ Requirement Document.
  • Includes Integration and Interface Testing.


  • Unique process of business scenario identification & test case preparation - reusable business scenarios available for Trade, Treasury, Core Lending, Mortgage.
  • Traceability ensures functional coverage.
  • Testing lead by experienced banking domain experts. Min experience of SMEs is 9+ years.
  • Resources experienced in testing multiple interfaces and in testing integration of complete suite of banking products.
  • Well defined, template based transparent process.

Automated Regression Testing

Services Offered:

  • Regression Testing to verify Enhancements/Bug Fixes and to ensure that existing functionality is not affected.


  • Automating the manual scripts, inserting check points, editing the scripts to make it data driven to build a complete regression suite.
  • Reduce significantly the time taken for regression.
  • Framework based approach to automation, data-driven approach.
  • Reduced testing cycle time.
  • Comprehensive testing of every build.
  • Testing by experienced tool specific SMEs, 250+ QA resources with in-depth knowledge of automated tools and multiple tool experience.

Performance Load Testing

Services Offered:

  • Testing an application's Performance, Scalability and Reliability.
  • Verifying Transactions Per Second, Response Time, and Number of Users Supported by the application at a time.


  • Well defined performance test strategy.
  • Banking domain experts involved in simulating real-world conditions./li>
  • User scripting for critical flows, allocating users to different scenarios, data replication to create volumes, execution with varying loads and analysis of results.
  • Performance benchmarking.
  • Identification of bottlenecks and root causes, performance tuning suggestions.
  • Suggestions to improve performance based on prior experience with JAVA, J2EE, .NET, etc.
  • Optimizing the performance of the application before deployment

User Acceptance Testing

Services Offered:

  • Understanding Business Requirements and Testing an application from the business user's point of view to ensure that all requirements are met.
  • Creation of End-to-End Real Time Business Scenarios.


  • Easy knowledge transfer to our banking domain experts.
  • Quick understanding of application functionality.
  • Independent verification and validation through an unbiased third party testing.
  • Usage of automated testing to reduce cycle time.
  • Savings in time and effort spent by bank business users in business scenario & test case preparation, test execution and defect tracking. Also, business users need not be trained in testing process.

Product Testing

Services Offered:

  • Product Certification.
  • To verify that the functionality of the base version and subsequent releases conform to the Functional Specifications.
  • Includes Performance Benchmarking, Volume/Stress Testing and Performance Tuning Suggestions


  • Availability of product verification business scenarios and test cases developed by banking domain experts.
  • Product evaluation and gap identification by SMEs who have worked on multiple banking products.
  • Identification of additional functionality required to build a marketable product.
  • Automated test suite to ensure comprehensive testing of every release.
  • Compressed time-to-market for new product releases.
  • Testing by tech-functional resources with experience of working on multiple banking products.

Testing Tools Familiarity



Project Management

MS - Project



Configuration Management


Visual Source Safe

Unit Testing

Rational Purify

Pure Coverage

Sitraka Jprobe

Numega Devpartner

Defect Tracking Tools

PVCS Tracker

Test Director


Functional Testing

Mercury WinRunner

IBM Rational Robot

Mercury Quick Test Pro

Segue Silk Test

Compuware QA Run

Astra Site Manager

Load/Stress Testing

Mercury Load Runner

IBM Rational Perf. Tester

Performance Studio

Compuware QA Load

Microsoft WebStress

Segue Silk Performer